At the Hotel Luxor your holiday is even safer!

Have you found the Bellaria Igea Marina hotel offer on our website that you were looking for? Do you want to book it but are worried that, if you had to waive your seaside holiday, you’d lose all your money?

From today, the Hotel Luxor has a great offer for you: you can insure your holiday for a really low price… starting from just € 10,00!

Activate “Booking Protection” by Allianz Global Assistance immediately; it’s the insurance policy that protects your holiday in Bellaria Igea Marina if you have to cancel your holiday or delay your arrival at our hotel.

And from today, you can travel even safer with “Booking Protection Plus“, the policy that also covers travel assistance and payment of medical expenses, pro rata reimbursement of unused stay in case of interruption of the trip (even in cases of epidemics or pandemic diseases such as Sars-Covid-19).

It’s quick and easy… all it takes are a few clicks!

I want to activate it, calculate an estimate immediately

Questions and answers

What is it?

“Booking Protection” by Allianz Insurance is the insurance policy on hotel holidays that can be purchased at the same time as making your online booking.

How much does it cost?

From as little as € 10.00.

How many types of policy are there?

Holidaymakers can choose from:

  • Booking Protection (that provides for a refund of the penalty applied contractually for holiday cancellation due to illness, injury or death of the insured party or one of his/her family members; impossibility to reach the holiday destination due to an accident to the vehicle used for transport during the journey or due to adverse weather conditions; impossibility to go on a holiday already planned);
  • Booking Protection Plus (provides, in addition to the coverage insured by the “Booking Protection” policy, also travel assistance, coverage of medical expenses during the trip and the stay, guaranteeing: telephone medical advice for information and / or medical advice; free sending of a doctor; transport to equipped facilities and medical return to the Insured’s residence; nursing assistance at the Insured’s residence and reimbursement of the pro rata stay not used in the event of travel interruption).
    (Even in cases of epidemics or pandemic diseases such as Sars-Covid-19)

How do I activate it?

By accessing the link I want to activate it and filling in the obligatory fields.