More than just the beach

Experience Igea Marina in harmony: relaxation, nature and fun

The name Igea Marina recalls that of Hygeia, the goddess of health and daughter of Asclepius, the god of medicine. It was in 1905 that the Rimini-born doctor, Vittorio Belli, gave the seaside town where the Hotel Luxor is located its name.

And it is precisely wellness and health that are the most important aspects at the Hotel Luxor. In Bellaria Igea Marina everything is organised and accessible for the young and young at heart alike.

Beaches, nature parks, sports facilities, museums, activities and shopping.

And Igea Marina is naturally green, just like the Hotel Luxor.

A short walk away, guests will find Gelso Park, 25 hectares of pine trees, lime trees, mulberries and durmast oaks alternating in a harmonious mix of colours and fragrances. Thanks to its flora and fauna, with numerous ducks and geese, the park’s lake will surprise and delight visitors.