Hospitality is a family recipe

The warm embrace of the Bianchi family

Arnaldo, Carla, Barbara and Beatrice…. together we’re the family that runs the Hotel Luxor in Bellaria Igea Marina; the ideal place for your healthy, natural vegan holiday.

We love to welcome you with what we would like to find on holiday, starting with cuisine that should thrill you, welcome you, satisfy you and make you feel good.

Our daily choices are dictated by our personal experiences, both as travellers and as people who love life in all its aspects. We are curious, we love to experiment, to study and to share what we know and learn about wellness.

We eat products that are locally sourced in the surrounding countryside, where farmers still follow the natural cycle of the seasons and where all the fruits of the earth need time.

Integrated pest control, organic, locally-sourced; these are the concepts we live by every day. Barbara is personally in charge of the kitchen and is always ready to surprise guests with a rainbow of natural flavours. Beatrice is always up-to-date on everything surrounding the universe of health and organises meetings and seminars at the hotel on the most topical themes regarding holistic wellbeing.

The Hotel Luxor is part of the project run by “Legambiente Turismo” and for this reason, for years has been focusing on saving energy and water, differentiated waste collection and the use of organic detergents that have not been tested on animals.

Naturally, we love animals and live with a menagerie of cats and dogs: so, all your friends and life companions are always welcome!