Vegan breakfast: naturally sweet

On holiday, breakfast is the first smile that greets you at the start of the day.

The vegan breakfast served at the Hotel Luxor is entirely homemade and naturally delicious, because it is prepared with unrefined sweeteners, such as barley malt, rice malt syrup, unrefined cane sugar and dried fruit and nuts.

You’ll find freshly-baked croissants and pastries, chocolate cakes, orange doughnuts, tarts, plum cakes… every recipe offers the wholesome flavour of a healthy and tasty breakfast.

Homemade rye bread, biscuits, sugar-free jams and marmalades, chocolate spread, carob powder for hot chocolate, rice and corn crackers, whole oat flakes, corn flakes with red berries, fruit muesli, soy yoghurt, fresh fruit and vegetables, dried fruit and nuts and oil seeds. Breakfast at the Hotel Luxor has a slow and relaxing pace, ideal for those who like to take their time and savour every morsel.
Furthermore, every summer we introduce some new products that add to the flavour experience of breakfast at the Hotel Luxor.
Our buffet now also includes carefully-selected, premium vegan cold cuts, tahini, which is rich in calcium, vitamins and Omega, 3 and rice pudding, ideal in macrobiotic diets and also excellent as a base for cereals 1 and fresh fruit salads.

And to drink?

Rice, soy and oat drinks, cappuccino made using plant milk, barley coffee, organic coffee and a vast selection of teas and herbal teas.
You’ll also find a juice extractor for preparing energy-packed fresh fruit and vegetable concentrates and ionized alkaline Kangen water, which has beneficial regenerating and purifying properties.